2018 Fundraising Opportunities

Updated Wednesday January 3, 2018 by Jim Foley.

2018 Fundraising Opportunities

One of our goals at CHYAA is to provide experiences to boys and girls ages 3-12 that they will cherish and remember for a lifetime. This is the same for families with adequate financial resources as well as those with little financial resources and therefore each year we strive to keep our registration fees low. This can only be achieved by financial offsets by individual and corporate sponsorships and donations. Yearly expenses for our fields and facilities are by far our largest expense.Every year there are a few key projects/items that we try to raise funds for in order to improve the quality of our overall product (experience) that we provide to our baseball and softball community. 

The attached 2018 Fundraising Package is a list of a few of the items we are hoping to raise funds for this upcoming spring season. Please let me know if any of these projects are something your company would be willing to help fund. All items would include some sort of sponsorship/advertisement in exchange for your donation. Further details will be provided per project and terms are negotiable.

We thank you in advance for your consideration of support for our league.Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly with any questions or for additional information. 

Nick Malone Fundraising Chair

Cherry Hill Youth Athletic Association 

150 Deland Ave

Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

(609) 206-6225


CHYAA 2017 Fundraising Package.pdf